Can the Toyota TRD-Pro Trailer Change How We Go Camping?

Ultimate Overlanding Rig: The TRD-Sport Trailer | Photo Credit: Toyota

If you’ve been to SEMA, you know that the ideas generated are often extreme and over the top. “I want to have a shower, I want to have a toilet, I want to have a refrigerator, I want to have a freezer.” These may seem like outlandish requests for a small trailer, and you’d never expect these ideas from napkin sketches could come to fruition. Bob Kupina, Senior Program Manager, at Toyota never thought small when it came to the Ultimate Overlanding Rig TRD-Sport trailer.

“Who better to build a trailer than us? We have the resources, we have the capacity, and we have the knowledge to put it together.”

The trailer stems from the Toyota SEMA 2020 build, and Toyota mentions that overlanding has continued to gain popularity over the years. Due to the pandemic, it has pushed the past time to new heights. The trailer was designed to complement the Toyota truck and SUV lineup. Although the idea isn’t new to automotive manufacturers of using an old pickup bed as a trailer, Toyota enthusiasts are still excited about what the TRD-Sport trailer could mean to this lifestyle.

2021 Tacoma Towing Ultimate Overlanding Rig: The TRD-Sport Trailer | Photo Credit: Toyota

The Toyota HQ in Plano, Texas, is where the magic happens, and they’ve focused on making this trailer over the top. The concept uses the bed of a Toyota Tacoma pickup truck for its canvas as an adventure-ready camping rig. It was given a scissors lift, the ability to be towed with ease, and bicycles that hang off the back. Ideally, you’d like to tow the trailer with any vehicle, Toyota would prefer it be pulled with a Tacoma or 4-Runner.

The highlight of the trailer is the remote-operated platform that rises up from the bed. You can find a Yamaha generator on one side of the box on rollers, allowing it to move in and out with ease. It also comes with a unique refrigerator that is charged while driving and will remain at 45 degrees when you wake up the following morning.

Toyota has looked toward the future to create something special in light of the current state of affairs. The Ultimate Overland Rig TRD-Sport Trailer includes a four-person Yakima tent with an awning, fly-fishing pole holders, refrigerator, custom-built toilet, trash can, shower with curtain, water heater, generator, a 16-gallon fresh-water tank, Optima Yellow Top battery, 15-gallon grey water holding tank, and a slide-out sink with stove.

Ultimate Overlanding Rig: The TRD-Sport Trailer | Photo Credit: Toyota

Toyota also worked alongside Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shops to ensure the trailer had the necessary outdoors equipment. These included nets, fishing poles, tackle, waders, wading boots, mugs, cookware, and anything the outdoor person could ever need.

The focus is to allow off-road enthusiasts and campers to extend their adventures in comfort. The beauty of it is that you can have the comfort of glamping, but you can pack up in ten minutes and hit the road for your next destination. This is a new approach to camping far away with nothing but the stars above and nature around us.

In a year like 2020, providing the general public with options allowing us to get away from it all is invaluable. While the trailer is still considered a concept, the buzz it generated is sure to get Toyota’s attention to hopefully mass-produce this product. It looks to bring a fresh take on camping, but would you buy it if it’s available?

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