Big Sparks Through 10,000 RPM and Anti-Roll Bars

Fewer connections and no boxes required? That’ll certainly help your race car if you’re looking for big spark through high RPMs. If you’re in the market for some upgrades in your car, you’ll want to see this.

It’s great when your engine is performing optimally, but you also need to ensure that your car can hit corners and not roll. If you want to eliminate the dread during cornering in the canyons or on the track, we have the right part for you.

Big Spark Through 10,000 RPM And Box Required

D.U.I.’s GM Racing Distributors | Summit Racing

The fewer parts in your race car, the fewer problems you can expect to encounter. Fortunately, that’s a win for you. For example, take D.U.I.’s GM Racing Distributors, these HEI-style distributors offer big spark through 10,000 RPM. Since the high-voltage coil and high-dwell module are built-in, you won’t have any external ignition boxes or extra wiring to deal with.

A Case of the Wallows? Here’s How to Stop It

Hellwig Anti-Roll Bars | Summit Racing

Anti-roll bars like the ones built by Hellwig are designed to resist a vehicle’s tendency to naturally roll when cornering. The bar is a torsion spring that tries to keep its shape by springing into place when it twists. When one end of the bar rides up with the suspension, the other side will pull in the opposite direction, which keeps the vehicle level and more controlled during cornering. This eliminates the dreaded wallows.

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