Bicyclist Rear Ends Back of Car

Speeding down a mountain on a bicycle sounds like a difficult enough task, especially with all of the constant twists and turns. When you add traffic into the mix, it creates a whole different environment that can put both the cyclists and car drivers in danger.

This cyclist was speeding down a hill on a mountain somewhere, going through the various twists and turns making it look easy. There’s a car in front of him, which kind of limits his speed due to the car braking around the turns. Suddenly, a tour bus coming around the corner caused the car in front of the cyclist to stop abruptly. The cyclist unfortunately didn’t brake in time to avoid a crash and slams into the back of the car.

The crash could’ve been a lot worse than it actually was and when the driver gets out of the car, it’s clear both of them were ok. Both guys handled the situation very respectively and went on about their way. If only everyone handled crashes this well, with politeness and calmness. What do you think about this situation? Any cyclists out there have an opinion on what they think happened and what the cyclist should’ve done to avoid this?