A Pressurized Running Water System Is In This Jeep Wrangler’s Bumper

People come up with ideas that make life better and/or easier for themselves, and luckily the rest of us when they choose to share it. Just like this Jeep Wrangler owner did. After discovering that the rear bumper of his Wrangler was hollow and could be sealed with a couple of drain plugs, the owner had the brilliant idea of using it as a water tank. Of course, without a way to get the water out, there’s no point in putting water in. So he then rigged up a pretty awesome system to pressurize the water inside the bumper, which then created a high-pressure system.

With nothing more than a few strategically placed holes, a small water pump, and a switch, the Jeep owner built this simple-but-effective system. He says is perfect for hosing off after a day in the mud or sand. But it also probably comes in handy for plenty of other uses as well, like washing your hands after winching or spraying down dirty equipment from the trails. It can hold nearly seven gallons, so honestly, you could take a pretty good shower using the system if you needed to.

The downside? A gallon of water weighs in right around 8 pounds, so having an extra 56 pounds of weight hanging over the rear end won’t help gas mileage. Then again if you’re a Jeep owner, fuel economy is usually pretty far down the list of priorities. We say the convenience of having a water hose on hand at any time would almost certainly outweigh the disadvantage in fuel mileage. Would you do this to your Jeep?