A Pair of Goats Broke into a Police Officer’s Car and Ate His Paperwork

Police officers truly do have an unpredictable occupation. There is no telling what kind of calls and situations they are exposed to on a daily basis, and one officer from Madison County, Alabama found himself dealing with some hungry, four-legged friends.

Deputy Casey Thrower, a police officer of nearly 40 years has certainly seen a lot of his time serving his community. However, while serving civil papers, a pair of hungry goats became curious about Thrower’s squad car. Sure enough, the pair managed to enter the car and began eating all of his paperwork.

Given the fact that Thrower’s door was already open, the goats entered the squad car without any trouble. But why was it open in the first place? According to WXFR, the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said that he “sometimes leaves his patrol vehicle open in case he has to run from dogs.”

Of course, rather than dogs, Deputy Thrower found himself having to deal with a pair of hungry goats. After a little effort, Thrower managed to get the animals away from his patrol car.

In response to this story reaching the news, the Madison County Sherrif’s Office couldn’t resist releasing a statement filled with goat-related puns.

“Deputy Thrower has been serving the citizens of Madison County for about 40 years and is considered one of our G.O.A.T deputies. We got a huge kick out of this today and hope it brought a smile to your face as well.”

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