A Flying Trash Can Will Wake You Up On Your Morning Commute

Whether you’ve had breakfast or your morning coffee, you’re not truly away until you have to dodge a flying trash can on the highway.

Kathy Lanham was cruising down I-635 in Dallas when an unsecured garbage can full of mulch came sailing at the windshield of her Honda CR-V. It just so happened that her dash cam caught the entire thing on tape so we can all watch the horror.

Kathy said she saw the trash can coming straight for her and hoped it would miss her car, but wasn’t so lucky. She decided to let the can strike her windshield rather than swerve into the metal pylons or concrete lane divider. And it was lucky (for lack of a better word? that decision left Lanham and her car with minimal damage, all things considered.

“You have to tie down your loads,” Lanham told WFAA. “It just takes a couple of seconds.”