A Diesel Truck…With A Parachute

When you think drag racing, 1/4 times, and speeds fast enough to need a parachute, a pickup isn’t probably the vehicle you envision. But that’s exactly what this Dodge Diesel had.

It may look ridiculous but to watch a diesel truck power its way down the half mile is pretty cool in a whole new way. Let’s be honest, these things weigh a ton and seeing them go that fast is pretty awesome. You have to appreciate a truck that weighs in at 6000 pounds and can hit over 200 mph.

1320 caught up with this somewhat awkward looking machine. It’s a crew cab long bed pickup truck that’s been lowered hits the half-mile with…a parachute. According to the owner, the truck has hit 204 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. But now the team decided that they wanted to try to rock out at a half mile event.

In fact, this truck makes so much torque that it looks like it’s having a little bit of trouble hooking up on the pavement. But even when it’s struggling to gain traction, this thing is still an absolute blast to watch.

This Dodge Ram crew cab monster really shows off what it can do! It might not have been able to get all of the factors to line up perfectly but you have to give them credit for the idea.

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