A Company Now Makes It Possible To Rent Garage Time

If you haven’t heard of AirBnb, it’s an online service that lets people rent out their personal spaces for short periods of time, like vacation rentals or hotel rooms. And there’s now a concept just like that for garages. Jalopnik reports that “Garage Time” is the new DIY rental space for gearheads. Started by Andrew Koretz the new company allows people to rent out their unused garage space to people who just want to wrench.

After having to use his friends’ garages over the years he decided to start a company that could help gearheads across the country who don’t have a place to work on their rides. Garage Time allows people to rent out their garage for however long they choose whether it’s a few days or just a couple hours. Would you be up for renting your garage? Or renting someone else’s? Let us know!

This weekend on PowerNation we check out a one of a kind auto shop. Owner Mark Lambert works on what he considers to be some of the best cars to come out of Detroit: the 1920s and 1930s American cars. And all from an old Nashville firehouse that was turned into his shop!

He feels they are the most roadworthy and durable cars on the road like those from Packard, Pierce Arrow, and even Rolls Royce. Mark is a one-man band, but yet a lot of cars come through the old firehouse doors. Mark is also a Concours level judge at events like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, or what Mark calls the Super Bowl of car shows. He’ll give you some of the secrets to what judges really look for at that level. To top it off, Mark and Gannon also take a ride in one of Lambert Auto’s Packards.

It’s an amazing amount of cool content, plus we have four brand new episodes of hardcore how-to you can use from our shops so be sure to tune in Sunday morning at 9am ET on Paramount Network.