A Car Collides With A NASCAR Show Car

Crashes don’t just happen on the race track! But it’s not just every day you crash into a NASCAR show car. Unfortunately for this guy, that’s exactly what happened when he pulled out in front of one. During a Charlotte Motor Speedway media event that was promoting the upcoming Bank of America 500, a street vehicle collided with a NASCAR show car in downtown Charlotte near the Hall of Fame. Matt Weaver was able to capture the results of the crash and uploaded it to Twitter. The crash happened just as Brad Keselowski was getting ready to answer questions from the NASCAR media so you can see his reaction in the video.

The video from the crash shows the NASCAR show car pulling out onto the road in front of an SUV. And although the street wasn’t completely closed off to the general public, an officer was out directing traffic. However, that didn’t stop the driver of the passenger car from driving by the officer and into the turn lane as the show car pulled out which resulted in the unfortunate crash. Hopefully, for both NASCAR and this guy, the damage isn’t too bad.

You can read more at http://autoweek.com/article/nascar/video-passenger-car-collides-nascar-show-car-downtown-charlotte#ixzz4uZ9H6y4v