2,700 Horsepower Dodge Cummins Explodes Twice in One Day

Another dyno challenge, another engine explosion. Or in these guys’ case…two. Last year, Industrial Injection Diesel Performances and their turbo-diesel went viral for exploding on the dyno during the Weekend on the Edge Dyno competition. This year, Power Driven Diesel out-did them at the Ultimate Callout Challenge.

The 2,700 horsepower Dodge Cummins nicknamed “The Godfather” was shooting for a 3,000 horsepower record. First up was a run on the drag strip where the truck blew its engine nearing 150 mph in the quarter-mile. The diesel revved 8,000 rpm and was pushing around 250 pounds of boost. But with a backup engine in hand, there were no worries. Just two hours before heading to the dyno the team had the new engine in place.

Since the truck had already proven 2,700 horsepower, they added a 100 shot of nitrous to see if hitting the 3,000 horsepower record was possible. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Instead the run ended in an intense fireball and the backup engine was up in flames.

Luckily, the dyno operator and the man behind the wheel both avoided injury and everyone in the crowd was able to dodge the flying parts. The guys at Power Driven Diesel were good sports about it considering their horrible luck and even offered to sign any truck parts that may have flown into the bleachers.

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