Super-Rare Twin-Turbo Saleen S7 Hitting The Auction Block

An ultra-rare twin-turbo 2005 Saleen S7 supercar is due to cross the auction block early January as part of the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale. It is one of the few rare twin-turbocharged models with just 13 of these exact models built for 2005, and it only has 240 miles on the ticker.

Stuffed inside the engine bay is a 7.0-liter Ford Windsor V8 engine generating 750 horsepower out of a 7.0-liter Ford Windsor V8 via a six-speed manual transmission. During the whole seven years of production, fewer than 100 S7 cars were produced, and that includes the few S7R race cars in that number.

While this theory has never been tested, it has been said that the S7 Twin-Turbo can reach a speed of 248 miles per hour. You can test it out yourself with a bid at no reserve next month, or you can buy it and just ogle over it in the garage if that’s your thing.

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