10 Cars That Are Banned And You Can’t Drive

This isn’t just another list of cars you’ve seen but can’t buy in the U.S. (lookin at you, Skyline)

The cars on the list are relatively obscure, how many have you heard of? For some of them, it’s obvious why they aren’t available here. The narration in the video is also hilarious. The narrator, who signs off at the end of the vides as “Son of a Mitch” drops some great one-liners and puns that make this video actually entertaining as well as informational.A good example is the 1992 Smart Crossblade, which is a tiny ride carrying an appropriately menacing name. It’s actually built more like a golf cart than a car.

The list of cars range from amphibious Duck Boat-style rides to sleek corner carvers. There’s even a Chevrolet on the list, although it’s one of those cross-brand projects that isn’t up to the safety standards here in the US.

We won’t spoil the whole list for you, so just sit back and watch as Top 10 Trends and Son of a Mitch take us through this list in the most entertaining way possible.