Carbureted Intake Manifolds for Street Heroes and Racers

High-rise, low-rise, or mid-rise, street performance or racing, there is a Speedmaster Carbureted Intake Manifold that will do the job. The cast aluminum intake manifolds optimize airflow and fuel atomization to add horsepower and torque and improve throttle response. Speedmaster Carbureted Intake Manifolds are available for popular GM, Ford, and Mopar V8s. There’s even one for fans of Mazda 13B rotaries.

How SPC Front Control Arms Will Improve Your Truck’s Handling

The ability to adjust caster or caster/camber on your GM, Ford, Toyota, or Nissan truck will help you fine-tune its alignment angles for improved handling. SPC’s Front Control Arms are designed to do just that. The forged steel arms feature SPC’s xAxis™ sealed flex joints that are free-pivoting to increase droop travel and handle misalignment to prevent binding. They also have greaseable ball joints that provide up to 80 degrees of articulation—the largest range available. And you get all that adjustment without ruining the factory ride quality or increasing noise.

Smog-Legal Replacement Long Block Engines Built Better

BluePrint Engines 50 State Legal Long Block engines are ideal replacements for the tired small block Chevy, big block Chevy, or small block Ford for a wide range of vehicles. The engines are built to tighter machining tolerances using top-quality parts like brand new blocks and rotating assemblies so they’re even better than the engine you’re replacing. As icing on the cake, BluePrint puts a 30-month/50,000-mile warranty on them for your peace of mind.

Video: Crate Engine Shopping Tips From BluePrint Engines

Pete Stout from BluePrint Engines got with our friends at Summit Racing for their socially distanced Virtual Super Summit a couple of months ago, discussing key factors to consider when shopping for crate engines.

One of the coolest things BluePrint does, in addition to their 30-month, 50,000-mile warranty on each engine assembly they sell is that the company dyno tests EVERY individual engine they sell, and include the certified dyno sheets of the exact engine you’re buying.

Check out the video to learn a little more about crate engine shopping and how the crew at BluePrint Engines conducts business.