XOR’s Prerunner Ranger Gets Motor And Transmission!

XOR’s Jeremy Weckman and Eliza Leon have been bustin’ some butt on their Prerunner Ranger project! The two have been busy building, grinding, and welding to make the perfect Prerunner that’s more than ready to tackle some dirt. If you’ve been following along with the build, you’ve seen them put in this custom roll cage and install shocks, brakes, steering, and all kinds of necessities on this thing. In an upcoming episode, you’ll see Eliza and Jeremy complete the interior, install the dash, and build a spare tire mount.

We went back into the XOR shop to show you how the Ranger sits as it is now. A big 5.0-liter Coyote motor has been installed to power the Prerunner project along with a fancy 4R70W transmission by Gearstar (in blue!) to get it all shifting smoothly. Check it out!

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