Who Needs A Horse Trailer When You Have A Pickup?

Photo Courtesy: Kerry Green Costello

You expect to see dogs hanging out car windows or even in pickup truck beds, but a horse? Someone in Texas thought it wasn’t a bad idea. Ami Parbs caught the driver video over the weekend transporting a horse in the back of a regular pickup truck.

She told local news KHOU 11 that she was driving so she had her child record video while they were on the way to a gymnastics meet. She says they saw the driver on Highway 59, about 100 miles northeast of Houston.

Apparently, the pickup driver pulled into a Whataburger and was later caught on camera getting questioned by a DPS Trooper. Naturally, the safety of this method was questioned. A FaceBook user pointed out, “His reins are being held through the back windshield, dangerous though”.

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