When Tractor Pulls Go Wrong

Tractor pulls are a very popular event and occur all the time. Most of the time they happen however things usually go as planned. Considering how much tractors weigh, it just adds to the potential danger they can carry if something goes wrong and a crash occurs. Not only can one wrong move by the driver or some kind of malfunction put the driver at risk but also the audience.

In this situation seen in this video, we see a tractor that ALMOST smashes into the audience going full speed! At first you see the tractor in the distance getting ready to drive ahead. Well as the tractor begins to drive ahead and pick up speed, everything seems normal. The crowd is loving it! Then it becomes evident that this tractor is not slowing down anytime soon! It keeps going and going, until it eventually stops but not without crashing into the side barrier where the spectators are!

Thankfully it stopped in time before serious damage or injuries occurred but whoa that was close! This situation could’ve definitely turned into a complete disaster for both the driver and the crowd. What do you think happened or what went wrong? Let us know in the comments!

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