What To Look For In A Welding Helmet

When welding, you want to make sure you’re both safe and comfortable. So Lincoln Electric stopped by to tell us about their new line of helmets.

The Viking 3350 Series Auto-Arcing helmet was designed with comfort in mind. It has pivot-style headgear which allows the user to maneuver it for several different positions. The shell design uses a lightweight, nylon plastic which offers both flexability and durability.

Of course, you can’t weld when you can’t see. Lincoln welding helmets use an LCD display. Traditional helmets use a lime green color but Lincoln’s engineers developed 4C technology which alters the color to a cool blue and allows the user to see the arc and puddle while reducing eye strain. They’ve also made the helmets versatile so you can use it for jobs other than welding.

The helmet has 3 separate modes. Cut covers shades 5-8 and allows you to cut plasma. The second mode is weld which is shade range 9-13 and used for traditional arc ranges. Grind mode turns off the helmet’s arc sensors and keeps the helmet in the shade 3.5 range.

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