What to Look for in a Transmission Crossmember

Transmission crossmembers are pretty simple components, but there are some features you want to have. You want a crossmember that’s strong and lightweight. You also want it to be fully adjustable to fit most any transmission you want to use, easy to install using factory crossmember mounting holes, and have a durable finish so it won’t rust away. A TCI Transmission Crossmember checks all of those boxes, so that’s the one you ought to get.

How to Choose the Right Motive Gear Ring and Pinion Gear Set for Your Vehicle

Motive Gear ring and pinion sets are made from high-quality materials using a state-of-the art manufacturing process to deliver unmatched reliability. Motive Gear can also help you determine which ratio is ideal for your needs with a handy chart that graphs engine RPM by gear ratio and tire size. The chart even highlights the optimum ratios by fuel mileage, mileage and performance, and overall performance. 

Keep an Eye on Your Engine’s Air/Fuel Ratio from Your Smartphone

Just when you thought you knew everything you could do with a smartphone, FAST adds engine air/fuel ratio monitoring to the list. The FAST Wireless Air/Fuel Meter Kits measure your engine’s air/fuel ratio and sends that data to your Apple or Android phone via a Bluetooth module installed in your vehicle. The meters have other cool features like a built-in data logger, preloaded fuel calibrations for gas, E85, diesel, and other fuels, and a selectable module output you can use as an RPM-activated window switch, a lean air/fuel ratio safety cutoff, or an anti-theft device.  

Video: Step-by-Step Motive Gear Ring and Pinion Installation

Horsepower is good. So is torque.

But it’s not always about how much power your vehicle makes. Performance can also come down to how you apply that power. That’s why street performance, race, and truck enthusiasts sometimes turn to ring and pinion gear swaps to optimize the way horsepower is transferred to the pavement.

By going to higher or lower gears, you can improve acceleration, enhance cruising or highway performance, and even achieve better fuel economy. It really comes down to your vehicle and its intended purpose. You can learn more about matching gear ratio to your vehicle in this video post.