What Happens When You Take Your NASCAR On The Streets

What happens when you take your NASCAR truck out on the streets? Even if it is just to gas up and test out your tune…you may get pulled over. YouTuber, Cleetus McFarland takes his chances and as he says “Does it for Dale”. And he surprisingly got away with it too!

After pulling out of the gas station he sees a cop a few cars back. He calls it right there saying this is the time he’ll be pulled over. And sure enough, a few minutes later the lights come on and he’s reaching for his license and registration. Although he got lucky on this one because the cop was a NASCAR fan and had some appreciation for the truck.

Obviously, the officer asks why he’s on the streets and where he’s going but Cleetus lets him know he just wanted to fill up and that the truck actually is legally insured and registered. But being that the truck was wearing 4 slicks made it a little harder to claim street legal. The officer gives him a warning saying they either need to get street legal tires or trailer the truck next time they want to take it out but lets him get back to the shop ticket-free. Dale yeah!

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