Watch The Most Awkward Stand Off Between Two Drivers For A Parking Spot In LA

Parking can turn into a nightmare, especially in cities like New York, Atlanta, or LA. A resident in the Koreatown neighborhood in LA took to Twitter to let the world know the craziness she was watching unfold from her window.

To summarize, the black car had driven just past this prime parking spot and went to reverse into it. But then the silver car pulled up and decided the spot was fair game and blocked the black car from backing in. YES, the silver car driver really did that.

But wait…there’s more. Things escalated when both drivers refused to give in. A HALF HOUR later, they were still there…then a full HOUR and the standoff was still going on.

The kicker is that it didn’t end up with one driver “winning” per se. Finally, the car parked in front of the black car pulled out so they ended up both getting a spot and parking right next to each other. Patience is key.

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