Watch Engine Power’s Pat & Frankie on Summit Racing’s OnAllCylinders Podcast

Pat Topolinski & Frankie Forman of Engine Power recently appeared on Summit Racing’s podcast “OnAllCylinders” to discuss some of their favorite builds and projects, what happens behind the scenes during filming at PowerNation, and a whole lot more!

During the interview, Pat & Frankie were asked a few questions by fans watching the live stream. When one viewer asked Pat if SBF (Small Block Ford) was still his favorite engine platform, he responded by saying “I do have a soft spot for Small Block Fords, obviously. To me, if it’s an engine, I like it. To have a favorite engine… Frankie and I were discussing before this. They’re all like your children, right? You want to love all of your children equally before you put the same amount of effort in them.” Pat goes on to say “The attention to detail is the same. I don’t care if this thing’s gonna be delivering milk or setting a national record at the track, they take the same attention to detail.”

When asked about some of their big, over-the-top projects that they do on Engine Power, “Some of the oddball stuff we do, I think is still really relevant because someone who has a really cool project car that maybe they’re not looking to go racing, or anything like that, they just want something cool,” says Frankie. “If they can make decent power and modernize the engine, which is what we try and do on a lot of older stuff. If they can do that and make good power with it, I think they’re still more inclined to do that than to maybe swap an LS or a power plant into it. So I think that’s a big appeal to a lot of our viewers.”

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