Watch As Rage-Filled Driver Throws Front Bumper at Rival During Race

Things got heated at the FIA World Karting Championship in Lonato, Italy over the weekend. Italian driver Luca Corberi was caught throwing a piece of a front bumper at a rival racer before violently charging and punching him. That’s some intense racing.

In the video posted to Twitter, Corberi can be seen waiting on the side of the active track just waiting for another racer to pass so he can throw his front bumper at him.

A second Twitter video shows Corberi coming up to the same driver that took the bumper hit, but this time he violently charged him, threw him against the wall, and punched him in the helmet.

The poor driver on the receiving end is Paolo Ippolito, but it’s unclear why he was targeted by Corberi. It’s assumed the two had some unresolved issues on the track, maybe even a wreck or confrontation that took Corberi out of the race which is why he was able to sit and wait trackside.

As of now, there is no suspension or punishment in place for Corberi, what do you think would be appropriate for this behavior?

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