Walmart Employee Botches Oil Change After Filling Up Wrong Hole

You should always check reviews and references before taking your car into a shop whether its a mom and pop or a Walmart. Because something like filling up the wrong hole during an oil change could end up costing you thousands of dollars.

That’s exactly what happened to this Sacramento woman a few years ago. She took her car in for a basic service and the technician who handled it ended up botching the job…big-time. After draining the oil, the technician put the drain plug back in and filled up the engine again. All sounds good except instead of putting the liquid in the correct receptacle, filling up the engine with oil, he poured it in the opening for the transmission fluid. Not even kidding.

The woman says that instead of offering to make things right and paying for the damages, the retail giant stalled getting her a rental car and offered her only $4400 instead of the $7500 that she asked for to repair damages. Talk about making a mess of the whole thing.

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