UMP DIRTCar, Flying Porsche, Bondurant Bankruptcy, iPhone Video Hack, And Airport Parking Surprise

Today on PND…
• Engine Power Auctions Off Their Summit Racing UMP DirtCar
• A Delivery Driver That Let His Van Get Away From Him
• The Bob Bondurant School Of High-Performance Driving Has Filed For Bankruptcy
• An iPhone Hack That May Be Useful If You’re Getting Pulled Over
• And A Family That Got A Surprise In Their Car After Parking At The Airport

Summit UMP DirtCar
If you haven’t seen it on Engine Power, Mike and Pat built an awesome Summit Racing 50th Anniversary Tribute Car for a DIRTcar UMP Modified track competition. The car is based on a chassis from Impressive Race cars and outfitted with suspension, brake, and drivetrain upgrades. The guys put their horsepower expertise to work and built an 18-degree small block Chevy to go under the hood.

Then they headed to St. Louis, so they could attend the Modified Mania Event and celebrate Summit Racing Equipment’s 50th Anniversary where they auctioned off the car! The car sold for $30,000 and all proceeds went to benefit Shriners Children’s Hospital. To make it even better, a bunch of racers and the racetrack kicked in an extra $3,000. It was a great event and celebration of Summit Racing!

Porsche Crash
Even if you’re in a hurry, don’t end up like this delivery driver. A Porsche 356 Speedster replica was parked outside of a luxury dealership that happened to be along a canal in North London. A nearby coffee shop security camera caught the moment when a speedy delivery driver backed into the car so forcefully it sent the Porsche flying into the water. Luckily, nobody was hurt and no other cars were damaged but that’s going to be a pricey mistake.

Source: Daily Mail

Bondurant Bankruptcy
The Bob Bondurant School of High Performance was not only the first ever performance driving school but taught great drivers like Dale Jr. and Jimmie Johnson. And unfortunately, the school announced last week that it will be filing for bankruptcy after owing creditors somewhere between $1-10 million dollars. The school will continue to operate while it negotiates with creditors, though. The Academy was originally founded by Carroll Shelby in 1961 and taken over by its namesake, Bob Bondurant, after a crash in 1967 put a damper on his racing career. We here at PowerNation TV have had the privilege to drive at the Bondurant track and are saddened to hear the news.
iPhone Hack
There are always new hacks and apps coming out for iPhone users. But this one may be helpful to people behind the wheel. The new app simply named “police” is available with the iOS12 update and is essentially an add-on in your settings. Once the app is activated you can simply say “Siri, I’m getting pulled over” and your phone will dim itself, start recording, and send your exact location to a predetermined contact. The goal is to have your interaction with police caught on camera. Once the video is done it will save it to your phone or send it to a contact. The hope is that between videos like these and the officer’s body cameras the interaction will be a safer and more productive encounter for everyone. What are your thoughts?
Find the steps to download the app here.

Ant Surprise
When you get home from a trip, all you want to do is hop in your car and go home, right? Well, what if when you got to your car you found it infested with ants? That’s what happened to this North Carolina family after they parked their car at the Charlotte Douglas Airport during their 3-day vacation. When they got back they realized there were thousands of ants crawling from their engine to their interior after a colony made itself at home in the engine bay. They had to drive the 2-hour ride home with the ants before they could get the car clean. The airport has confirmed this has happened before, but they are trying to treat the insects. They agreed to pay for the $200 cleaning charge and waived the family’s parking fees.

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