Toyota’s FT-4X Concept Is A 4X4 For Off-Roading Newbies

Toyota’s latest concept looks futuristic and modern but it’s really just a 4×4 designed for people who like to off road…but not too hardcore. It’s basically a car for people who live in the city or urban areas that want to get away but aren’t ready to dive deep into the off-road world. Toyota calls its targeted market “Casualcore off-roaders”.

The FT-4X concept stands for “Future Toyota 4 Wheel Drive” and was released by Toyota at the New York Auto Show. It’s a compact crossover with elements from the FJ in the size of a small SUV. The multi-hatch tailgate can either swing out or up with a hidden storage compartment under the rear floor. The door handles double as removable water bottles and a sleeping bag is fitted into the center console and doubles as your armrest. Up front, there’s a removable audio system with a smartphone dock behind it so you’re never too far from your technology.

When it comes to power Toyota suggests it would have a 4-cylinder and low-range all-wheel-drive system if it ever gets to production. Are you a fan of this “casual” off road vehicle” Or should you just go big or go home?