Thorium-Fueled Car Only Needs A Fill-Up Once A Century

With so much talk about electric cars, you’d be surprised that there is potentially another option that’s SIGNIFICANTLY better. Thorium is one of the densest materials known to man and it’s literally everywhere. A company a few years ago invented some type of motor that operates by energy created by thorium. Now there are a lot of different other types of alternative fuel sources out there besides electricity but something about thorium that stands out above the rest is how a little bit goes a long way.

Apparently with just a little bit of thorium, it could provide a car with enough fuel to operate for 100 years! Could you imagine? First, nobody drives a car that long to begin with but it’s still super awesome to think that your car would essentially always have fuel in it. Regardless if this idea ever becomes a reality or not, it’s still really exciting to think about a world where charging or fueling anything could be a thing of the past. Not only would this result in extreme money savings for consumers but also environmental benefits as well. What do you think about the thorium car idea? Do you think it’s possible? Let us know in the comments!

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