This Is What Happens To An Engine Without Oil

Engine oil is an absolute necessity for internal combustion engines to run properly and without, serious damage can occur.

What is motor oil? It is a lubricant used in internal combustion engines, such as the ones in cars and various machines. Basically, in these types of engines, there are many parts that are constantly moving against each other. This type of friction wastes very useful power by converting the kinetic energy into heat. This constant friction also causes excessive wear on engine parts, which will eventually lead to degradation and engine failure. This is why motor oil is so important to keep engines running efficient and smooth.

In this video, engines are monitored heavily while running with and without motor oil. This is to get a better understanding on what exactly happens in each scenario. Five points are being monitored on each engine. The first point is the crankcase, which is below the level at which oil will rest. The second point is the top of the crankcase, where no oil will be resting near. Point three is the air-cooled cylinder bore. Point four is the exhaust pipe that exits the cylinder before it enters the muffler and point five is the valve cover.