This is What A Twin Turbo HEMI Corvette Looks Like!

This drag racing twin turbo HEMI Corvette is an absolute monster! Besides the bolted windows, wing, cowl hood and bull horns, it looks fairly stock compared to others in its class.

It competed in Radial vs The World at Lights Out 8 together with some of the biggest names in drag racing such as Barry Mitchell, Keith Hayne and Stevie FAST Jackson.

It broke the HIGHEST miles per hour on a radial record TWICE during Lights Out 8, running 212.36 mph the first time and 212.69 mph the second! Now that's insanely fast!!

This Twin Turbo HEMI Corvette was continued to make great passes all weekend, until it damaged a piston in the semi final against Stevie FAST in the Shadow 2.0. The team behind the Corvette and other racers, made a great effort in tearing down the motor to put it back together all before the 10pm curfew just in time to race in the final!

Check out the episode below where Mike and Pat have been building an AWESOME 2007 C6 Corvette!

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