This Crashed Chevy Truck Still Runs!

If you’ve ever been to a junkyard or seen a totaled car, you know how bad damage can be after a crash. Most of these types of cars never run again and many just stay in the junkyard indefinitely. This Chevy Truck for instance, was obviously in an extremely terrible crash and looks like it should be just sitting in a junkyard somewhere rusting away. The entire truck is severely bent and it looks almost unrecognizable because of the extensive damage.

All this bad damage didn’t stop it from running again though. Apparently this thing is just like new and besides the rattling noises, it still drives! Chevy trucks must really be “Like A Rock.” But seriously, it’s pretty amazing that this thing still runs and DRIVES like nothing happened to it. It’s a funny but awesome sight to see that’s for sure! Maybe it can be repaired to look like new? Who knows but it drives fine now so why fix it?

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