The UK Is Next To Ban The Internal Combustion Engines

The UK is now on board with not having internal combustion engines. Just like their French neighbors, the BBC reports the British government has intentions of banning fossil fuel-powered vehicles sales by 2040. Both countries are doing it for environmental impact as air quality is worsening in major cities.

But they aren’t the only countries strongly in favor of zero-emission vehicles. Norway is the world leader of electric car sales and is planning to be free of internal combustion engines by 2025. China and Germany aren’t far behind. So what’s your take on this quick spreading love for electric cars? Are you hoping it stays on the other side of the pond?

Katie features a gorgeous restoration of a rare 1967 Jaguar Type E Roadster this week on PowerNation. The car had sat in pieces and in boxes in a storage unit for years before owners Lee Scott and Jeanne Beauchamp decided to restore it. They turned to T.C. Penick and Bay One Customs and the guys hit a home run! And even more challenging; the owners wanted it period correct. T.C. and his team transformed the rare roadster in a three year build with over 2000 man hours, back to better than new with a 4.2 liter engine with a 4 speed. The car only has 30,000 miles on it.

Lee picked Glasuret “Opalescence Blue” and it hints silver and blue depending on where and when you look at it. The leather interior was created by BAS with the original stitch in the seats just like in 1967. Bay One installed the interior along with period correct gauges they had to fly to England for their restoration. Although Lee passed away before the car was completed, Jeanne says she plans to drive and enjoy the Jag they way it was meant to be. It’s a beautiful display of craftsmanship!