The Sherp ATV Will Take You Literally Anywhere

We’ve seen off road vehicles that claim to be able to drive anywhere and through anything but for the Sherp ATV, it might actually be able to literally drive anywhere. The Sherp looks like some kind of monster truck hybrid with its massive tires which double as floatation devices when the operator decides to drive through water.

The Sherp can power through overgrown grassy terrain and can even climb onto ice after driving through freezing waters. There doesn’t seem like there is much that the Sherp can’t drive through. What do you think about this?

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Plus Katie features up and coming racer Justin Vickers and his Camaro Super Street. Justin owns a restoration company and one customer had an unusual request: to restore a train caboose. We’ll also show you the winner of the Rock Auto Jeep as he gets the keys to his new ride. Lot’s going on, so go make sure and tune in.