The Hellcat Rhino XT Is Basically A Beefed Up Wrangler

U.S. Specialty Vehicles has figured out how to make an already beefed up Wrangler even cooler. They added a Hellcat engine. As if the hardcore exterior Wrangler frame with live axles and a twin-screw supercharger weren’t enough the new Rhino XT made its debut in the latest Fate of the Furious movie. The Rhino XT was first revealed at the LA Auto Show in 2015 where the Fast & Furious director spotted it and wanted it for the last film.

The company buys base-model 4-door Wranglers straight from Jeep but then gets to work on modifying them. They strip them down to the frame and then build them back up adding structural reinforcement, upgraded suspension, differential and of course a supercharger. But USSV wanted to take things up a notch and decided losing the V6 for a Hellcat V8 would be just the way to do it. According to The Drive, they teamed up with Dakota Customs, who worked on the Jeep Wrangler Trailcat, and came out with the modified V8 vehicle. The Rhino XT starts at around $80,000 but as usual you’ll have to pay if you want the extra Hellcat power so double that price. Would you buy one?