The Electric Pickup, DIY Engine Job, Unconscious Biker, Ram Sales, And A Front-Loader Firetruck

This Canadian company has come out with an electric pickup, a guy saved over $50,000 by fixing his engine himself, a biker gets knocked unconscious at 140mph, Ram is surpassing Chevy in sales, and who needs a firetruck when you have a front-loader all on PowerNation Daily!

  1. An Electric Pickup On The Market
  2. Guy Saves Over $50,000 With DIY Engine Job
  3. An Unlucky Biker Gets Lucky At 140MPH
  4. Ram Is On Its Way To Being America’s Favorite Pickup Brand
  5. Who Needs A Firetruck When You Have A Front-Loader?

  6. This Sunday starting at 9am on Spike we have all new tech from the shops. In Engine Power, Pat and Mike start transforming a stock Mustang GT into the Rislone Mustang Sweepstakes Ride. They install a track engineered suspension system, massive brakes, plus wheels and tires.

    Then on PowerNation Katie’s guest is Dan Muldowney, the co-founder of Race-Gas, a product you’ve seen used a lot on Engine Power. Dan is an avid racer and he’ll talk about why and how they created Race-Gas to solve problems he experienced at the track. He’ll also hint at some new products coming down the pike. So make sure you tune in.