The Coyote Has Landed! The EBC Mustang Gets a Modern Powerhouse: Step 3

One of the most significant milestones to date on Detroit Muscle’s EBC Brakes Fastback Mustang is dropping the supercharged Coyote into the engine bay. There was some initial concern about how they’d get it to fit, but it slipped right in without so much as a hiccup.

Achieving this huge milestone puts them much closer to their objective of producing a fast and mean machine that steers, stops, looks phenomenal, and runs like hell. The guys were excited about incorporating modern performance in conjunction with the retro styling of yesterday. The sound of the Coyote and whine of the supercharger is enough to bring any adult tears of joy. Judging by how it ran on the Engine Power dyno, we know it’s going to be on another level.

Now that the engine has found its new home, it’s time to focus on getting everything else to fit inside. From the outside, it doesn’t look like the headers would fit, but there’s a lot more room than at first glance. Once the headers are installed, they’ll focus on building the exhaust system, which will make the Coyote howl and hear it from the moon.

Now that our Coyote has landed and once our exhaust is finished, Detroit Muscle will set their sights on adding a fresh snazzy interior to complete the package. Stay tuned!

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