Teslonda, Exorcist Top Speed, Record-Setting V8 Build, Flying Car Crash, Design Your Own Badge, And Fast Fails

Today on PND…

– A Tesla Powered Honda You Wanna See
– Hennessey’s Exorcist Camaro Beats Out The Demon
– A Record-Setting 1,400 Horsepower DI V8
– An Example Of Why Flying Cars Aren’t In Production Yet
– Ford Is Letting Mustang Owners Design Their Own Badge
And Top 5 Fast Fails: Mustang Edition

This weekend Gannon features DBR High Performance. This 30,000 sq.ft. shop located in Spring Hill, TN is best known for adding horsepower to just about anything! Owner David Branson will share some of the builds they’ve powered up with 1500 to 1700 horses including a Jeep, a Caddy and Mustangs. Basically they strap on high horsepower on to cars you can still drive everyday! David and his guys also all race and support their clients at the races.