Tech Tips For Your Big Cam & Power Brakes, Failing Vacuum Pumps, And Chrome Wheels 

Power brakes need 16 to 18 Hg of vacuum to operate properly. Drop a big cam in your engine and you lose vacuum—and gain a rock-hard brake pedal. LEED Bandit Series Vacuum Pump Kits are a better way to generate more vacuum for your power brakes. The kits have a rotary vane-style pump that generates 25 Hg of vacuum, and is 30% more efficient than a piston-style pump so you get vacuum more quickly. The Bandit pump is also 60% quieter than piston-style pumps, which you’ll appreciate.

Your car or truck relies on engine vacuum for a lot of applications, on things ranging from HVAC doors and pop-up headlights to critical vehicle systems like your power brakes and ignition timing. While most engines naturally create adequate vacuum, if your vehicle has a diesel or small-displacement engine, then there’s a good chance it has an auxiliary vacuum pump to create additional vacuum pressure to operate those aforementioned systems and components. Be sure to watch the video and read more from Summit Racing.

You can’t beat the classic 5-spoke style of Cragar’s 08/61 SS Super Sport wheels. The wheels have a chrome-plated steel rim mated to an A356 aluminum alloy center to minimize polishing time. What’s even better is the range of sizes—the 15 inch diameter Super Sports are available in seven widths from 4.5 to 15 inches to cover everyone from mild street machines to Pro Streeters and bracket racers.

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