Superman Stunt, Dale Jr. Believes In Ghosts, Accidental Truck Shooting, Driverless Grocery Delivery, And Quiet Taycan

Today on PND…
• Motorcyclist Performs “Superman” Stunt On Highway
• Dale Earnhardt Jr. Says A Ghost Saved Him Back In 2004
• A Guy That Went Shooting And Accidentally Shot His Truck
• Kroger Is Testing Driverless Grocery Delivery
• And Just How Quiet Porsche’s New Electric Car Is

Superman Stunt
Talk about an adrenaline rush. And incredibly un-safe riding. This stunt was caught on video by Ace Scott on the Loop 410 in San Antonio. The rider was apparently weaving in and out of traffic before they laid down on the bike seat and performed the “Superman” pose for about 10 minutes. Talk about a dangerous move.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Ghosts
There are such things as ghosts. At least if you ask Dale Earnhardt Jr. In his latest podcast, he discusses how he is convinced a ghost saved him from his fiery Corvette crash in Sonoma in 2004. Although footage from the race clearly shows him getting out of the vehicle on his own, he remembers someone grabbing him under the armpits and pulling him on to the track. He thought it was crew members at the time but when he asked them later, they said nope, wasn’t them.

Accidental Shot
Accidents happen, but Andrew Compton was lucky this one wasn’t a lot worse. Although there’s probably some pretty hefty damage to his Raptor, luckily, he walked away unhurt after a wild day at the shooting range. While he was balancing the gun out the window of his truck, it slipped off and shot a hole straight through the door! He’s probably regretting this decision…

Kroger Driverless Delivery
How much would you pay to have an item delivered to your door? Following in the footsteps of Amazon and Walmart, supermarket giant, Kroger, is now starting a driverless grocery delivery service. It’s partnering with Nuro and will begin testing in Arizona this fall. Although the first phase will use Toyota Prius’ with a driver in the car, the second phase will use Nuro’s R1 driverless van after it gets licensed and approved. However, even though there’s no minimum spend, it’ll cost $5.95 for the service. Would you use it?

Porsche Taycan
We talked about Porsche’s new Taycan (previously named Mission E) after it was announced a while back. And now we get to check it out and hear how stunningly quiet it really is. The electric sports car is a 4-door and its two electric motors will push out over 600 HP and climb 0-60 in under 3.5 seconds. It has a 310-mile range and after watching this video, even by EV standards, this thing is quiet!

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