Somebody Took This Telsa Model X and Fully Covered it in Real Nickels

Many auto enthusiasts pour lots of time and money into customizing their cars’ performance, comfort, tech, special features, and design. But for one Tesla owner, they are literally putting their money on display.

In a post shared to Reddit, a Tesla Model X was spotted in Utah with its entire exterior coated in nickles. While most wraps are meant to make the vehicle stand out from the crowd, they can be a little pricey depending on the overall design and material. However, this Tesla owner is really pouring their money into (or onto) their car’s exterior look.

This car covered in nickels
by u/pacexmaker in mildlyinteresting

But one must wonder, how much money is actually covering this car? After some calculations made by user Machidalgo, a Tesla Model X would require about 70 square feet of vinyl wrap to completely cover the car. Subtract about 10% for extra material and we are left with 63 square feet.

Next, it takes 224-226 nickles to fill in one square foot. Multiply that by 63, and the total number of nickles covering the car is estimated between 14,112 and 14,238 coins. This makes overall value of the nickels between $705 and $712.

Not a bad price to pay, especially since many vinyl wraps roughly cost from $2,000 and $6,000. Plus, if you ever need some spare change, you won’t have to rummage through the seats in order to find some.

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