Somebody Made A Wood Cutter Out Of An Old Rim!

It’s amazing at the DIY projects people come up with. It really takes someone with a creative mind to be able to figure out how to create things on their own that normally would be really expensive to buy. This not only saves money but can be a really fun process by itself. However sometimes people create things that look a little dangerous and probably should be avoided at all costs. Depending on the thing they create, it could either be relatively safe or beyond dangerous.

This person in this video apparently created a wood cutter out of what appears to be an old wheel from a car and also a device that spins it around. This is actually a really innovative idea and probably saved them a ton of money by building something like this on their own instead of buying it from a store. The wood cutter as seen in this video though looks a little dangerous but it seems to be getting the job done! Very innovative for something so cheap and simply made. What do you think about this idea? Do you have any thoughts or opinions about it? Let us know in the comments what you think!