Silverado Gets Tossed in a Tornado, Then Drives Off

Video of a red Chevy Silverado battling a tornado in Elgin, TX has gone viral with over 6 million views. Footage shows the truck being blown around on highway 290 on its driver’s side with debris being blown around before the wind helped reset it, allowing it to drive off safely.

According to a report by KXAN, a good samaritan was able to aid the driver, described him to be in his late teens and was very shaken up following the incident.

As for the truck, it sustained several scrapes and dents on its side, its windows were blown out, and its rear-view mirrors are completely gone.

The tornado was one of many that swept through central Texas on Monday, March 21st. Classified as an EF2, this particular tornado didn’t just blow over the truck, it also destroyed a nearby mobile home.

It was reported that 66 tornado warnings were issued on Monday and Tuesday in the U.S. Out of the 20 reports filed by the NOAA’s Storm Prediction Center, 19 had touched down in Texas. By the next morning, over 60,000 residents across the state were without power.

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