Semi Trailers Are Using Safer Bumpers

We all have heard of cars crashing into the back of semi trucks and the damage it can do to both the car and the driver. When a car crashes into the back of a semi, a lot of times it goes underneath the truck, which is extremely dangerous and sometimes fatal. Many semis today however already have underride guards that hang below the rear of the truck to prevent a car from crashing underneath. The U.S. government requires certain safety requirements for underride guards but IIHS has found that under current rules and regulations, the guards buckled or broke in some crashes. What's worse is that U.S. Government data isn't showing rear-end accidents with semis are any safer.

In fact fatalities from hitting the back of semi trucks are on the rise. In the latest round of tests performed by IIHS, the trailers from Great Dane, Manac, Stoughton, Vanguard and Wabash passed all three of the evaluations, which earned them the IIHS Toughguard award. However, the trailers from Hyundai Translead, Strick, and Utility passed the first two tests but failed the third test, which is the most difficult. According to IIHS these companies have vowed to make improvements and IIHS will re-test them after the upgrades

Source: Motor1