Semi Trailer Mysteriously Collapses And Splits In Half!

Semi trailers get used for a long time because they usually stand the test of time for quite a while. That’s not to say that every trailer will last just as long as another, because it largely depends on weather conditions and other types of factors that affect the structural integrity.

If a trailer is too old and too worn out to be carrying massive loads, disaster can strike just like what is seen in this video. Now we’re just assuming the trailer was too old and too worn out because why else would this trailer mysteriously collapse the way it did? It appears to have rust on the side of the trailer which a sign that maybe the bottom of the trailer was also rusted, causing the metal to be extremely thin. Thus what happens is when a massive load is being carried on an already thin trailer, it can collapse and split in half like seen in this video.

Something else could’ve caused the collapse but we’re not sure since the video doesn’t show anymore angles of the truck. What do you think went wrong here? Do you have any thoughts or opinions? Let us know in the comments what you think about it!

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