See How Toy Cars Hold Up In Crash Tests

There’s obviously no need, but why not put toy cars through the same crash tests we put our cars through? Everyone loves a destruction entertainment video.

That’s exactly what Switzerland’s Dynamic Test Center did. The facility is known for crash testing strange and unusual wheeled objects, and we have to say, we’re fans of their work. And now they’re back with another round of entertaining video clips.

In this video, the DTC team decided to crash a bunch of toy cars into a wall at more than 120 mph. And it’s pretty awesome to watch the pieces of plastic smash into a thousand parts.

So it’s one of those videos where you’re like, is there a purpose behind this? Do we need it? Well, no, but who would pass up the chance to see a car (even if it’s toy-sized) go smashing into pieces with no consequences? Sit back and enjoy!