Quality Brake Rotors & Pads and a Tonneau Cover That Doesn’t Flap Around

Even if you don’t like to get on the throttle and pretend there’s an egg under your gas pedal, it’s important to, you know, stop your vehicle when you’re driving. Using quality parts is crucial, but installing them on your own? That’s awesome.

If you own a truck, you know that a tonneau cover is the difference between your groceries getting wet on a rainy day or not, so purchasing one that doesn’t flap around is your best option.

Make Replacing Your Brake Rotors and Pads Easy

StopTech Axle Pack | Summit Racing

Here’s some good advice – your next brake and rotor pad job will be much easier if you use a StopTech Axle Pack. They provide top-quality, direct replacement rotors and pads that are factory-matched to work together. All you need to do is remove the old stuff on your vehicle, remove the new StopTech parts from the box, then install them without any hassle.

A Tonneau Cover That Doesn’t Flap Around

TruXedo’s Pro X15 | Summit Racing

If your tonneau cover flaps around when you drive, your cargo is going to suffer the consequences. With features like a free-floating hook-and-loop fastening system, automatic tonneau tensioners, and a locking tailgate latch, TruXedo’s Pro X15 won’t give you these problems. You’ll appreciate the low-profile look, too.

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