Porsche 911 Ready To Rescue Bogged Tacoma On Slushy Backroad

It’s probably not often that you see a Porsche 911 braving slushy back mountain roads. People usually race them, collect them, or take them out on sunny Sunday mornings. Jason Lightner posted a video to his facebook with the caption “weekend antics” where he is driving his Porsche on a super slushy backroad in the snow. Not only that, he’s about to rescue a stuck Toyota Tacoma with said Porsche.

The video doesn’t show him actually continue on to show him pulling the truck out, but it does show how capable the little car is in the snow with tracks. Hopefully, the stuck Tacoma was able to make it out okay thanks to Jason and his off-road Porsche.

Jason Lightner actually does put these Porsches to the test. Jalopnik wrote a story on him last year regarding his Safari 911 with videos of him driving the heck out of it. Jumps and dirt and all kinds of awesome, fun things. And according to the story, he runs one of the biggest Porsche restoration shops in SoCal (and maybe the country).

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