Parents Enlist 3-Year-Old To Help Clear Snow With Tiny Plow

Posted by Alicia Carrasco-Silva on Thursday, February 4, 2021

Snow is blanketing much of the country right now. Road crews and DOT workers in several states are putting in overtime to try and get roads cleared and safe. People are begrudgingly getting out in the cold and snow to clear driveways and sidewalks.

Let’s be honest, being in the snow gets less fun the older you get. So a family in Kalamazoo, Michigan got to thinking and found a solution to clearing their driveways. All they had to do was hookup a makeshift snowplow to their three-year-old’s toy GMC Sierra.

Alicia Carrasco Silva and her husband Daniel own a lawn care business but being based in Michigan, often deal more with snow than grass in winter months. Naturally, when the snow started falling and their son, Noah, wanted to head out and play they figured why not put the little guy to work. So they attached a snow shovel to Noah’s ride-on GMC Sierra as a snow plow of sorts and sent him on the driveway. Noah got to work and luckily, Alicia posted to Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

Turns out, kids taking care of snow duty is a lot cuter than grumpy adults as the video soon went viral online and with local news stations. So if you’re looking to pawn off shoveling this winter, be sure to enlist your kids (or ask a local neighbor kid) and you may get yourself a bargain while they have a blast!

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