Pair of Chevy Silverados Salvaged From Bottom Of The Pacific Ocean After 2 Years

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

After 22 months at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, this pair of Chevy Silverados were pulled to the surface. This isn’t the first time vehicles have been rescued from bodies of water.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

The pickups were on the way from the U.S. to Australia on the YM Efficiency when the ship hit a storm dropping 81 cargo containers into the Pacific Ocean near Newcastle.

And these were no cheap trucks. At the current Australian exchange rate, plus the hefty price of shipping, each 2018 model Chevy was worth approximately $150,000 AUD. Obviously, they won’t go for anywhere close to that amount now.

Australian Maritime Safety Authority

All the windows were down in the trucks so they were all full of water and are just rotting. To put things into perspective, the trucks were underwater so long that Chevy has introduced an entirely new model since they sank.

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