Over 500,000 Ram Pickups Recalled Due To Faulty Owner’s Manual Instructions


If you haven’t gotten around to reading the Owner’s Manual for your 2012-2021 Ram heavy-duty trucks, that’s actually probably a good thing. Over half a million trucks are being recalled for the owner’s manual of those years which include faulty lug-nut torque instructions.

If owners followed the manual’s directions, their vehicle’s lug nuts could be over-torqued, a condition which could eventually lead to wheel separation. If you’re in the vehicle when that happens, it could get dicey.

While the recall mainly affects U.S.-market trucks, there are approximately 31,000 in Canada and 32,000 in Mexico. If you’ve taken your truck to a dealership for service, don’t worry. Stellantis has said “Dealers are currently in possession of correct service instructions, and production vehicles are now being delivered with updated owner’s manuals”.

Trucks that may have been over-torqued due to following the manual instructions could still be fine, however they are still being recalled to inspect the wheel studs. If studs need to be replaced, Ram will do so free of charge.

According to Stellantis, model-year 2012-2021 Ram 3500 heavy-duty pickups, and 4500 and 5500 cab-chassis vehicles are affected and FCA US will advise these customers when service becomes available. At the time of this article, there have been no related injuries or accidents.

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