Over 15,000 Bees Made Themselves At Home In This Man’s Buick

Bee Swarm that Invaded Parked Car is Safely Relocated by Off-duty Firefighter An off-duty Las Cruces firefighter used…

Posted by Las Cruces Fire Department on Monday, March 29, 2021

This poor guy was just trying to grocery shop. A Las Cruces, New Mexico man ran in to grab a few things from a Albertsons and came back to 15,000 bees swarming his Buick.

Responding officers said the man had left his windows down since it was a pleasant 70º outside. He probably regrets that decisions seeing as how that was the bees’ main point of entry.

The driver didn’t even notice the bees at first since they were on the passenger side and started to drive off. Once a few of the bees made their way over, he called 911. Fortunately for this driver, an off-duty firefighter named Jesse Johnson was ready to jump into action as he’s not only a firefighter and paramedic but also a beekeeper.

You would think the fire department isn’t the one to call in a situation like this, and normally you’d be right. However, since the car was in a crowded parking lot and action needed to be taken quickly, Johnson offered his services and they got it taken care of.

Johnson says he thinks the bees may have split from a nearby colony, which can happen in the spring months. He took the bees and relocated them to his own property that already has four hives. Altogether, he removed 3.5 pounds of bees.

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