One High School Is Now Teaching Teens How to Change Tires and Other Real-World Tasks With ‘Adulting 101’

It’s a common question: why don’t high school kids get taught life skills they’ll actually use? Chances are they’ll need to change a tire or file taxes way more than using any algebraic equation or biology term.

So Fern Creek High School has decided to teach its students how to be grownups. ‘Adulting 101’ is a three-day course for high school seniors where they learn a variety of skills, including car maintenance. Experts showed students how to check their oil and change a spare tire.

“I know I have a spare tire in my car, but I would have known nothing to do with it,” senior Lilly Farmer said.

College Access Resource teacher Sara Wilson-Abell said she decided to organize the classes because a lot of students asked questions about life skills.

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